Poindexter provides an integration with Xero so you can quickly visualize real-time financial metrics. If you've created a budget, these performance measures can also be used to track progress as you execute against your financial plan.

Once you’ve set up the integration, Poindexter pulls in current data from your Financial Reports within Xero, and automatically calculates key metrics and display them in simple charts.

Customize which charts are displayed on your dashboard by clicking the dropdown in the top right corner of each chart and selecting the desired replacement. Poindexter will save your dashboard configuration, so you have the most relevant information every time you log in.


Where Does the Data Come From?

Xero provides a number of integration options for accessing data such as invoices, customers payments and many other tasks tracked by the platform. For the purposes of our current integration, Poindexter pulls data exclusively from the financial “Reports” endpoints. Specifically, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

The flow of information is only one-way, so Poindexter receives data from Xero and does not change any information within Xero (at this time). Here’s a simple diagram showing the flow of information between the applications:

We eventually plan to build features that leverage more of Xero’s capabilities to deliver users an even more powerful budgeting, forecasting, and planning solution. 


Data Security

All of your financial data is transmitted via a 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the industry standard used by banks and government organizations.

Once transmitted, your data is stored locally in your browser, so it never touches our servers and cannot be accessed by third parties.


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Still Have Questions?

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