The Financials section contains all of the financial results ("outputs") from the business model components inserted in the Assumptions section ("inputs"). All results in the Financial section are automatically generated, and to make any changes to the financial data please refer back to the appropriate page within the Assumptions section and modify the inputs accordingly.


Performance Summary Page

The Performance Summary page gives you an overview of some of your project’s key performance indicators (KPI’s). 

KPI Calculations:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs: The total number of Customers Acquired divided by (Total Monthly Channel Spend + Sales & Marketing Costs)
  • Average Customer Value: Total Revenue over forecasted period divided by the total number of Customers Acquired
  • Max Burn Rate: The largest month over month decrease in cash over the projected period
  • Total Funding Needed: The total cash shortfall (minimum bank account balance) you'll need to cover before your project is cash flow positive

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Income Statement

The Income Statement details your revenue, costs and profits on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.


Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet provides a “snapshot” of what your company has (Assets), who you owe (Liabilities), and who owns the difference (Equity).


Cash Flow Statement

The Cash Flow Statement tells you the actual amount of cash spent and received.