Model Summary

Per User costs are used to forecast the costs associated with user or customer activity. This cost will behave differently based on the selection made in the "User Cost Type" field and is driven by the customers associated with the selected revenue streams.




Cost Category

The Cost Category field will determine where this cost will be placed on the income statement, and whether it will be included in specific analytics. 

Select a category based on the following criteria:

Cost of Revenue: If this cost is directly used to produce, and provide, your products or services to customers.

Sales & Marketing: If this cost is used to attract, acquire or maintain new, existing or current customers. If Sales & Marketing is selected this cost will be included in the overall Cost of Customer Acquisition.

General: If this is a cost that generally contributes to the overall operations of the business or project, but is not directly tied to customer acquisition or revenue production.


Begin Month

The month you would like to begin projecting this cost.


End Month

Select the month you would like to stop forecasting this cost. The month you select will be the final month of the projection and you will no longer accrue this cost in the months following your selection.


User Cost Type

Select the appropriate method for calculating this cost. Cost per user will apply a flat cost per user per month, and Data Storage Cost will apply a monthly cost for storing user data.

  • Data Storage Costs will allow you to forecast costs based on content uploads from active users
  • Cost per User allows you to forecast a flat cost based on the number of active users or customers
  • One-Time User Cost allows you to apply a one-time cost for each newly converted user (good for one-time setup costs)


% of Active Users to Apply Cost

The % of active users (MAU or customer base) to which this cost will be applied.


Cost per User

The monthly cost per user.


Cost per GB of Storage (if Data Storage Cost)

The cost per Gigabyte of storage per month.


Av. Upload Size (in GB) (if Data Storage Cost)

The average size per user upload (in GB).


Credit Terms (Days to Pay)

The average number of days between the day this cost is incurred and they day it has to be paid.


Revenue Module

Choose the appropriate revenue streams that will drive this cost.