Model Summary

The Asset Purchase model is for adding new, and existing assets to your Balance Sheet.

New asset purchases will be placed on the balance sheet in the month they are purchased. Existing assets will show up on your balance sheet at the beginning of Month 1.





The type of asset you'd like to include on the Balance Sheet. The 3 available options follow:

  1. Asset - allows you to input a single asset requiring depreciation or amortization.
  2. Asset (No Depreciation) - allows you to input a single asset without depreciation or amortization.
  3. Asset per Employee - Automatically schedule the purchase of new assets every time a new employee is hired (from costs page).


Initial Asset Value (if "Pre-existing Asset")

Insert the initial asset value at the beginning of Month 1 of your forecast. 


Remaining Useful Life (if "Pre-existing Asset")

Input the number of months over which this asset will continue to be depreciated or amortized.


Planned Month of Purchase (if applicable)

The month you plan to purchase this asset (does not apply for “per Employee” asset types)


Property Tax

The property tax rate, if any, for this asset (if none input zero).


Total # of Units

The total number of units of this asset you plan to purchase.


Cost per Unit

The cost of this asset per unit.


Useful Life (Mos.)

The total number of months a unit of this asset is expected to remain useful.


% Value at End of Useful Life

The % value a unit of this asset is expected to be worth at the end of its useful life. This will affect the overall rate and amount of depreciation realized on this asset.


Funding Source

There are two funding sources for new assets (Cash / Investment and Loans). The “Cash / Investment” option should be selected if you expect to fund the purchase of the asset with cash from the company, or an investor. You should select “Loan” if you plan to finance the purchase of the new asset with a loan.


Interest Rate (APR) 

The expected interest rate on the loan acquired to purchase this asset.


Loan Length (Months)

The total length of the loan in months.


Furniture / Equipment per Employee

The total cost of the Furniture or Equipment purchased per Employee upon hire.


Employee Group

Choose the group of employees for which these assets will be purchased.


+ Add Employee Group

Allows you to include additional employee groups for this asset purchase.