Manual projections utilize what we call “components,” which enable you to add variation directly into your projection. 

For instance, if in component 1 you project 500 customers per month growing at 1% over a 36-month period, but you also want to include a spike in customers for the holiday months, then you can create a 2nd component spanning the holiday period and add the additional customers you expect over that timeframe. Each component will be added on top of any other component that overlaps the same month. 




Monthly Spend

(Optional) Enter the monthly expense you would like to associate with this acquisition channel, if you don’t have one, enter zero.

Begin Projection

The month that you would like to begin forecasting customers for this component. 

End Projection

Select the month you would like to stop forecasting customers from this channel. The month you select will be the final month of the projection and you will no longer acquire new customers in the subsequent months. 

Customers per Month

The average number of customers, or users, acquired per month (for that particular component) between “Begin Projection” and “End Projection” months. 

% Change per Month

The % increase or decrease in customers acquired per month (for that particular component), if none enter zero.

End Growth

The total number of months % Growth takes place. After this period Customers per Month will remain flat.

+ Add Component

Adding a component will add additional customers to this projection on top of the customers projected in other components. 

Example: If Component 1 projects 500 customers per month from Months 1 to 6, and you add a second component that forecasts 200 customers per month from Months 4 to 6, then in Months 1 to 3 there will be 500 customers per month, and in Months 4 to 6 there will be 700 customers per month. Any % changes per month will only be applied to the customers projected in that component (i.e. if in Component 1 the % change per month is 5%, then only the customers projected in Component 1 will grow at 5% per month).