The Budget Dashboard allows users to create custom configurations that visualize important activities and milestones established within your budgets.

The dashboard can be accessed immediately upon login, or by clicking the Poindexter logo in the top left-hand corner from within a budget (pictured below).

Whether you want to include one budget or roll multiple budgets into a master view, our new dashboard feature has the flexibility to suit your needs.

How to Customize the Budget Dashboard

To customize your dashboard configuration, simply click the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner of the graph you'd like to change. You can select from any of the inactive graphs listed in the drop-down menu.

Once a new graph is chosen, the previous graph will be available for selection in the drop-down menu to replace graphs in other locations.

How to Change the Date

Your dashboard will always default to the current month, but you may change the date displayed using the selector at the top of the page. Once a new date is chosen, your dashboard will update to display the forecasted values for each chart on the selected date.

How to Include a New Budget on Your Dashboard

Including a new budget on your dashboard is as simple as setting the status of the desired budget to 'Active.'

To change the budget status, navigate to the 'Project Settings' page within the budget. You will notice a field labeled 'Status,' containing the current budget setting.

Simply click on the current setting, set the new status to 'Active,' and click the green 'Update Project' link. The budget will then be included in all dashboard charts.

If you'd like to remove a budget from the dashboard, set the budget status to anything other than 'Active.'

How to Create a New Budget

To create a new budget, select the '+ New Budget' option from the green 'Budgets' drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the screen, or from the link at the bottom of the page.

Once you've created a budget, you can access it via the green 'Budgets' drop-down, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting it from your list of budgets.