The Assumptions Section is where you'll input all of the components that make up your business model. On each of the four Assumptions pages, you may insert a business model component by clicking the green button on each page and selecting the component that relates to your business model.


Customer Acquisition Page

The Customers page is where you forecast the number of customers, or users, you acquire through various channels (methods of getting customers).

For Information on filling out Customers models go to the Customers Page


Revenue Page

The Revenue Page is where you’ll build the revenue model (made up of individual revenue streams) that turns the customers you forecasted into sales.

For Information on filling out Revenue models go to the Revenue Page


Costs Page

The Costs page is where you’ll input all of the costs you expect to encounter as the business grows.

For Information on filling out Cost models go to the Costs Page


Investments Page

The Investments page is where you’ll schedule all of the balance sheet events for your business. These events can relate to loans, equity injections or asset purchases.

For Information on filling out Investment models go to the Investments Page